Wastewater treatment​

What is Evac wastewater

Wastewater treatment systems separate and neutralize organic contaminants in wastewater to comply with national and international legislation.

Evac’s offering includes biological and electrolytic wastewater treatment plants that refine black and gray water, as well as grease separators to separate grease from kitchen and galley wastewater.



Evac specializes in designing and marketing integrated waste management systems, focusing on innovative engineering, high product quality, and superior customer service. With a commitment to meeting each customer's unique construction and environmental needs, Evac offers a range of solutions tailored to specific requirements.

1 – One of Evac’s key offerings is its vacuum toilet system, designed to create a powerful vacuum ensuring reliable operation even under heavy-duty conditions while providing energy-saving benefits. With various models available for different applications, these toilets typically feature water-saving flush mechanisms, elegant designs, reliability, and low sound levels during use.

2 – In terms of wastewater treatment, Evac covers both black and grey water, with all units certified according to MARPOL, IMO, and MEPC 59 regulations. Their offerings include advanced wastewater treatment plants and membrane bioreactor systems.

3– For the treatment of dry and wet waste, Evac provides solutions such as skid-mounted shredders to reduce waste volume and prepare solids for incineration. Their incinerators are designed to handle mixed solid waste, sludge oil, dewatered food waste, bio-waste, and various plastics, offering flexibility and efficiency in waste disposal.

4 – In the freshwater system domain, Evac’s Triton-Evac solutions encompass seawater desalination systems utilizing reverse osmosis (RO) technology, as well as potable water treatment systems employing mineralization, disinfection, and other processes. These systems ensure an independent, long-lasting, low-energy, and reliable supply of potable and/or process water to ships and offshore facilities.

With a diverse product range tailored to the differing requirements of passenger, merchant, and naval ships, as well as offshore facilities, Evac stands as a comprehensive provider of waste management and water treatment solutions for various maritime and offshore applications.

Certified systems

Our systems meet the strictest regulations, including IMO MEPC.227 (64), USCG and River Rhine, and can also be operated in Environmentally Sensitive Sea Areas (ESSAs) and Special Areas (SAs). Our wastewater treatment membrane bioreactors can be equipped with nutrient removal module, which allows vessels to operate in Special Areas like the Baltic Sea.

Customized modular solutions

We can provide wastewater treatment solutions for all types of vessels with infinite possibilities. We can deliver systems adapted for limited footprint, difficult spaces, or any other requirements. Also, the modularity of our systems allows us to provide only what you need and take advantage of existing facilities and old units in retrofit cases.

Robust systems designed by experts

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment for vessels, Evac wastewater systems are proven solutions with long expected lifespan, easy to operate and resistant to operation changes and difficult influents.