Welcome To BORPO

Our History

Headquartered in Szczecin, Poland, BORPO strategically situates itself in one of the Baltic Sea’s largest ports, positioned between Rostock and Gdańsk. This prime location places BORPO in close proximity to major ports such as Hamburg, Rotterdam, and Antwerp. Established in 1993, BORPO initially served as a local supplier for prominent Polish-based shipowners, including Polish Ocean Lines, Polferies, and Polish Steamship Co.


Over the past 30 years, Borpo has undergone significant expansion, transcending its origins to operate extensively across Europe, the Far East, and the Americas. At present, BORPO boasts a team of six highly qualified professionals in its offices, complemented by two technicians in its warehouse facility. The company’s staff collectively possesses a wealth of marine expertise, featuring individuals with backgrounds as masters and chief engineers. Their comprehensive knowledge encompasses spare parts, financial procedures, commercial shipping acumen, and transportation and logistics expertise.


BORPO’S team is characterized by focus and accessibility, ensuring a commitment to delivering optimal service and solutions to clients. As a dynamic enterprise, BORPO specializes in providing an integrated spare parts supply system to international shipowners. The process commences with a simple phone call or email from the shipowner, culminating in a prompt and reliable spare parts delivery directly to the vessel. BORPO distinguishes itself by offering one-step solutions to all spare parts challenges, facilitated by a team of highly knowledgeable and skilled professional engineers. This team leverages modern buying and selling techniques, positioning BORPO as a unique and reliable partner in the maritime industry.

Our Mission

Dedicated exclusively to the provision of ships’ spare parts, our company places paramount importance on optimizing the purchasing and selling experience for our esteemed customers. In alignment with this commitment, our staff undergoes continuous improvement, engaging in both on-the-job training and specialized courses to enhance their skills.

At BORPO, we take immense pride in our proactive approach, consistently going the extra mile to surpass customer expectations. Our dynamic work environment fosters a culture where new ideas and concepts are continually emerging, offering fresh possibilities and superior solutions for our customers.

The synergy of our team at BORPO is defined by the individual excellence of each member, collectively forming an outstanding unit dedicated to delivering the most efficient and highest level of service to our clientele.

Our streamlined approach to optimizing the purchasing and selling process involves three fundamental steps:

A.   Recognition and Verification:  Each part requested in the ships’ requisition is meticulously identified and checked to ensure precision.

B.   Terms Verification and Update:   We systematically verify and update our terms of purchasing and selling, ensuring clarity and adherence to the highest standards.

C.   Clear and Concise Presentation:   We present our customers with a transparent and concise offer, accompanied by alternative solutions where applicable. This meticulous process underscores our commitment to providing a seamless and customer-centric experience at every stage of the transaction.