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We have excellent knowledge about Shipowners spare parts expectations: genuine parts in short time at reasonable price. And that is what we exactly do. Very good relationships with major biggest manufacturers, big yearly turnover and though position on the shipping market allow us to present really good offer.

We assure You of:
  • Main Engine: Sulzer, HCP Cegielski, Zgoda Swietochlowice (type: RND, RTA 58, RTA 62U,Z), B&W (type: LMC, L, GFCA).
  • Aux. Engine: Sulzer, HCP Cegielski (type: A, AL., SH, BAH), B&W (type: TLH).
  • Water pump: GZUT (type: Wa, Wl, tke, WOC, Wds), Hydro-Vaccum (type: S, SK, PZ, FZR), LFP Leszno (type: PJM).
  • Waste water pump: Biatogon Kielce (type: Rz, Rx, Z), Tofama (type: 32 PSR, 40 PSR), Netzsch, Allweiler.
  • Boiler water pump: SFUP (type: 32 ynol, 40 ynol).
  • Oil & fuel pump: Hydroster (type: ACE, ACG, ABQ, ABF), IMO (type: ACE, ACG), WSK (type: PTO, PZK).
  • Oil / water heaters / coolers: Rumia (type: dia 300/500, OZ, PZ, P).
  • Condenser: PBUCH (SPR).
  • Refr. / air-conditioning compressors: WUCH Debica (W92 SR/WM), Ponar Tarnow (RD), Sabroe (SMC-106S).
  • Waste water separator: WARMA (type: Neptun, OB).
  • Electric & automation system: Belma (R, RP), Bomet (KK), EFA, MERAMONT
  • Lightning: FAMOR (OZ, OF, HDD).
  • Expansion joints, hydraulic hoses.
  • Waste water / clean water level regulators: Mobrey type: RH, ERH.
  • Boiler water gauges.
  • Life boat / schat (DAVIT): USTKA.
  • Air compressors: HCP Cegielski, HATLAPA, WAN.
  • Steering gears: Hydroster (MS, TM, SD).
  • Crane & winches: TOWIMOR, FAMA.
  • Galley equipment: WARMA (type: KE, PE, etc.).
  • Sewage treatment plant: WARMA (LK 30, LK 50).
  • Mooring / anchor winch: TOWIMOR, FAMA.