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Borpo Co., Szczecin is the reliable ship supplier of Polish spare parts.
We are young but already experienced team.
Our stuff have both engineering and economical background.

Borpo Co. has been established in 1992. The first goals of our company were to supply pump spare parts the biggest biggest Polish Shipowners. Two, three years later we have established very close ties to most of major manufacturers as well pumps (GZUT, Tofama, Hydro-Vaccum, Bialogon, LFP Leszno, Hydroster) as other auxiliary machinery e.g.: air compressors (HCP Cegielski), refrig/air conditioning compressors (WUCH Debica, PONAR Tarnow, PBUCH Gdynia), coolers/heaters (FUO Rumia, PBUCH Gdynia), etc. Step by step we extended our scope of activities to: main & aux. Engines (both Sulzer and B&W), electric & automatic systems, high press. hydraulic systems of steering gears and hatch covers, cranes and derricks, gangways and ledders, windlass and mooring winches, hydraulic waste water/bilge separators, galley equipment and much more.

Now days we successfully proceeding supplies to many Polish, German, Cyprian, US an Italian Owners. The scope of our activity is enormous and still getting bigger. One might thought that it is easy to get lost within thousands of enquiries offers and orders?! But this could not happen in our company. We built our system carefully and reliably. The most important for us is to keep tight contact with our Customers. Our business has always "human face". We always find time to our Customers suggestions: You talk we listen. We are flexible and know how to listen. We find very special, tailor made supply system to every single Customer. We use modern computer systems and approved operating procedures where every query finds its immediate response, where every, even the most unusual spare parts requirements had already been answered in our computer system "one day before". Our team is perfect mixture of experience, spare parts know-how and sacrifice to the Customer. We are sure we will match also Your requirements.